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Cybero provides a fast, agile and comprehensive cyber threat Awareness, Compliance and Education (ACE) solution that helps your workforce manage cyber security threats in real-time. With Cybero, you can give your staff the knowledge, training, tools and services to reduce human error, and build a human firewall.

Cybero can be easily configured to provide a complete range of solutions unique configured to meet the needs of the executive suite, the IT department or the entire workforce. Cybero provides a range of Awareness, Compliance and Education capabilities that can mitigate attacks and reduce risk. Cybero services include: timely and action-oriented alerts; global situational dashboards; phishing vulnerability assessment and training from renowned “white hat” hacker Kevin Mitnick; best-practice tips; a comprehensive resource library; and other services designed to empower your workforce to protect and defend your IT environment.

Cybero Enterprise enables organizations to use custom dashboards for comprehensive situational awareness; to integrate their own security intelligence feeds; to publish their own targeted alerts; and to access and support their specific policies and procedures for addressing cyber threats and attacks. Cybero Enterprise also provides extensive and customizable social media monitoring capabilities to enable users to identify potential threats and to track real-time, online references to their organization, clients, or initiatives.

The Cybero Suite of products makes it easy to configure solutions for your company's specific cyber threat awareness, compliance and education needs. From email alerts for the workforce, to extensive online training resources, to comprehensive threat and situational awareness capabilities, Cybero is uniquely positioned to help your company start building human firewalls.

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Improve threat awareness and incident response 

We provide a complete picture of late-breaking, real world threats to virtual
information systems, so real-threats are addressed faster.


Address compliance needs for
cyber risk mitigation 

Cybero reduces workforce vulnerability 
to social exploits in measurable ways.

Help organizations share cyber intelligence across the enterprise

Cybero enables companies to form Communities of Trust, and share cyber intelligence both internally across
departments and externally with partners.

Reduce internal human error
& cyber vulnerabilities

Empower ALL users with responsibility
for the system and data security that is critical for their work.


Why Cybero?

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Cybero: Kevin Mitnick Training

Cybero Kevin Mitnick Introductory Lesson

Cybero offers highly effective training from the world's most famous reformed white-hat hacker, Kevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training is a web-based interactive training using case-studies, live demonstration videos, short tests, and much more...

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Cybero Features

  • Receive the latest cyber threat environment alerts—in understandable, actionable form—filtered precisely for you. 

  • Enables employees to become a cyber asset for your organization, rather than a cyber risk.

  • Participate in community-based commenting and other social intelligence features.

  • Conduct phishing vulnerability testing, assessment, and training—from small groups, to an entire enterprise—based upon tools and methods developed by the world’s best known white-hat hacker, Kevin Mitnick. 

Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training
  • A consolidated, edited view of the latest cyber developments in order to execute your professional responsibilities (in the form of personalized dashboards and alerts).

  • Valuable, unique physical + logical security advice, trends and incident alerting.

  • A rich library of personal cyber security best practices. Open sources data feeds: top cyber blogs and news.

  • Relevant information feeds from US Federal agencies, leading security vendors and authentic cyber security experts.

  • The ability to automatically report critical cyber incidents to the right corporate groups or government agency.

Publish an Alert
  • Ability to integrate with corporate compliance and governance initiatives to help ensure incidents are appropriately managed and documented.

  • And much, much more…